About us


Welcome to Propman!

Propman is a online real-estate platform & on ground network of professional & trusted real estate partners, where you can buy/sell/rent a property with genuine service charges.

Propman is started because all of realty customer believe that in realty sector they face mainly two types of issue where in both of them; they feel that the service provider hardly know about actual need of a customer.


·       First issue; online realty marketing website / portals they claim to find buyer/seller or tenant/owner for your property requirement but they are minting lots of money in the name of property listing or selling you useless various subscription plans. Where they just sell your contact details in the name of marketing / free exchange or in the name of no brokerage.

Result of it you get lots of unwanted spam calls from unknown persons, unprofessional brokers, who spoil your time & privacy; it is a serious threat of safety & security to you & family, where your personal information & your property owned status is easily available online.

If you are a buyer or tenant then you have to search thousands of fake listings, even after you may not find a suitable property as per your requirement.


·       Second issue; unprofessional brokers, they usually don’t believe to understand your requirement, they only forcing you to sell / rent the inventories which are available with him, they charge hi brokerage without providing you the best realty services including documentation, home loan & other value added services.


In Propman you are safe! You will not feel trapped like other online realty advertisement portals because we don’t sell/share our customer details to anyone.

In propman our representative will be your only contact person (Relationship manager) for your entire realty requirement.

We post every individual listing after verification of photo, video & actual property visit.


In Propman we have professional team of CRM, Trained & disciplined Field assist, in house Web designer, creative, social media & online marketing team, trusted business partner for property management services, Experience Loan manager, on panel team of lawyers for documentation support, Responsible team of real estate executives having actual offices in your locality & City based Franchise partners.


Our Value added services

We know that un-professional real estate broker don’t add a lot of value added service in realty transaction, that is why we created this platform where we get technology & professional realty service together to serve you better realty experience.

Propman provides you solution under one roof for all paperwork and documentation processing, relating to Rent agreement, police verification of tenant, Agreement to sell, Home loan, property ownership transfer / sell deed & mutation.

We have a network of real-estate executives & on panel lawyers who will assist you in completing a hassle-free realty transaction at the cost of a reasonable service fee.


We are doing following for our customers:-


Rent agreement service:-

Prepare draft of  rent agreement between both the parties (owner & tenant) as per requirements.

After approval from both parties, get the document stamped.

Execute the rent agreement between both parties.


Tenants Police verification & background check:-

We get the police verification of tenant from police department, as well as we check all the ID, Address & job/service details.


Agreement to sell

Prepare draft of  agreement to sell between both the parties (seller & buyer) as per requirements.

After approval from both parties, get the document stamped.

Execute & registered the agreement to sell between both parties.


Verification of property title search.

Our experience lawyers will help you in tile search of property title to avoid any deceit.


Assists you to get hassle free home loan.

Our loan manager will help to get fast & hassle free home loan, Documentation collection at your door step along with maximum funding at lowest rate of interest.


Legal assistance in property ownership transfers / sell deed & mutation.

Our experience lawyers will help you to get ownership transfer / sell deed of property & mutation.



Basically we are ensuring that you get pleasant experience in realty transactions through our best services.